Popular AI Powered Logo Makers and Their Features

Nowadays creating a logo for a company, business, or group is as easy and affordable as ever thanks to the existence of many AI powered software or tools that can develop and design appealing and effective logos in no time and for a good price. These AI powered apps and programs can be found online, meaning that even brand-new entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from such services depending on their suits, preferences, and budget of operation.

However, it is important to know that there are lots of AI powered logo makers, meaning that it is easy to select the wrong option that does not offer the wanted results. That is why knowing the next logo design software with their features is crucial to make the correct choice.

Popular AI Powered Logo Makers and Their Features:


Excellent for startups, small businesses, and even professionals as it is a platform that can reduce costs since it is a lot cheaper than hiring professional logo designers, and the results are as good as possible. The generator offers over 100 templates that can be selected depending on the chosen plans. The basic plan offers normal-resolution logo files for $15 and the premium plan offers high-resolution files for $35.


This AI powered logo maker is interesting as there are thousands of ready-to-use assets that can let you customize your logo for free after obtaining the results, and the fact that you can do everything online without having to download any software is a good feature. Offers easy editing, quick export, and all possible formats with unlimited revisions, convenient text and so much more. Starting from $25 to $175 in different plans.

Logo AI:

This is a smart option as it combines data and designs best practices that produce unique and beautiful logos that can be used for all professional usages. It is a professional tool that produces results that can match the ones made by humans. It follows brand guidelines and all kinds of logo formats, and the fact that it always creates a new logo instead of using templates means that the results are unique.

It is simple to use as all that is required is entering the brand name, any design specifications, and then the platform will provide endless possibilities of customization by changing layouts, colors, fonts, symbols and so much more.

Shopify Hatchful:

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce and pretty much everyone who is into this type of business knows about it. However, they have an AI powered logo maker called Hatchful, which proves to be a powerful tool that lets you customize and design a company logo with all of your preferences in simple steps that do not require too many interactions.

Hatchful offers many benefits such as ready to use templates, time saving processes accessible social media assets that are trending at the moment, design studio for logo creation, a brand recognition builder, and even easy to use customization tools.

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